Thinking about the End of Life Options Act which will become California law June 1, 2016.

“Death is a sacred part of life’s journey.” Dignity’s statement of common values.

As I ponder this act, I am left wondering~is it death we are fearful of or life?

It seems to me, if one is choosing to end their life based on a terminal diagnosis, death is not the problem. Living with the unknown of when death could occur and possibly the pain involved could be the issue.

Is it the pain you want to stop or are you just tired of the struggle? What if you stopped struggling and let yourself be in the flow of life~to fully live no matter what, for the duration of time you have left.  Maybe mend those fences with friends and relatives, maybe forgive yourself and someone else. Find gratitude in all your life has given you.

I wonder if going through this process would ease the pain, the struggle.  You have been given the gift of time to make a difference in the time you have left. Possibly you’ll be cheating yourself and others of that time you could spend together, maybe doing something you’ve always wanted to do without fear. As the Tim McGraw song says, “Live Like You Were Dying”. I find it fascinating in an already over medicated society, we are even discussing this.  The body knows how to die, actually prepares for death from the time we are born.  Stopping food intake and fluid intake allows the body to die peacefully and naturally without the ‘special’ pill. Usually with less pain.

Perhaps this End of Life Options Act will finally generate conversation about death with doctors and their patients. Now that is something I can get on board with. Communication about death and communication about life. Conversations about the options at the End of Life. Life is a journey~death is a journey also. Be curious about life and death and do both to the fullest.

What choice would you make? What choice would you want your loved ones to make?

Death is not morbid, our views of death is what is morbid.


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