As I gaze at the stormy skies, a variety of gray shades and the churned up waves of a blue, green, gray sea and feel the gusty breeze blowing my hair about, I wonder what this shadow piece is revealing to me. And why do I associate gray with shadow? What is ready to be washed away by the rain and blown away by the wind; to be let go of; relinquished into the air and sea? Some times we need the turmoil of life to jolt us awake to reorganize, live life and to shift our perspective, just as the wind constantly shifts, as the waves do. And to notice, we are part of the whole, waves to the ocean and wind to the air.

An osprey adjusts his flight as the thermals carry him one way and then another, all the while looking for food to feed his family. Constant adjustment in the moment and the moment and the moment while being attacked by several hungry seagulls. What I noticed and admired the most was his fortitude! Never giving up, no matter the strength or push of a wind gust or the other birds’ attacks. Focused attention on catching that fish to feed his family.

I am grateful to have witnessed this beautiful exchange of life happening regardless of the conditions. Keep going with focused attention to reach a goal/intention.

My storm within is shifting…..

Do YOU have a storm within or something in your life that requires focused attention? Do you have the perseverance to reach your goal?