Did you know when you sit quietly in nature, you can hear leaves fall? How many colors of green do you notice when walking in a garden or forest? How many different bird songs do you hear as a variety of birds cohabitant near you in one area? Do you feel the gentle breeze caress your cheek as a lover’s kiss might? How many aromas combine to bring sweetness to your senses? Where do you feel nature reside within you? Is there a taste in the air? Did you notice how each tree has a style all its own from the leaves, to the branch shapes, to the texture of the bark?┬áHave you noticed how nature nurtures you?

Take a moment, and feel into all 5 senses being woken up by the beauty surrounding you each and every day….connect in some way each day, even for a moment. Just notice. You contribute to nature happening around you by noticing and appreciating, although nature happens anyway whether you notice or not.

As I gaze at the vast sea from a cliff side vantage point, I marvel at how the sun creates the look of diamonds dancing upon the ocean, glistening in the blue sky, creating a beckoning summon to stare at the horizon and wonder as to what is beyond.

This expansion, vastness is a gentle reminder we are vast and expansive. We can see beyond what is visible when we choose to look. We are the one drop in this everlasting sea creating the whole. Breathe into the light, the depth, the vastness, the one and the whole. How deep does the sun’s powerful light shine into the ocean? I imagine this shimmering reaches the crystals, fish and beings below the surface deep into the bottom sending prisms cascading and glowing around all things and beings.

How deep does your light shine? Does it reach the depths of your soul? Imagine your light illuminating your steps along the path of your life’s journey. Shimmer, glisten, glow like the diamond light dancing on the water.