As I am thinking what to write my first blog post about, my new website and the color choices come into mind. I originally planned for a blue/purple scheme as those colors  represent healing and power and make me feel connected and communicative. Yet, as I saw the orange, yellow combination, my whole being lit up and these colors definitely resonated with me. So, I thought a lot about orange and what it represents. As an aura, I can actually feel the color surrounding me. Orange is the color of joy and opening to spiritual consciousness, orange is warm and vibrant and indicates a person is receiving new information and energy from other planes. Orange is an infusion of energy. For those who know me, this is the ideal color choice. Want to know about what other colors mean in your aura, check out Kala Ambrose~The Awakened Aura.

I wanted to take this orange color a step further, so I looked at the meaning of orange in my chakra, which is the color of the second or sacral chakra. Here it is the color of vitality and strength. Again, referenced as a warm color, it has the feeling of the heat from the sun, I am a sun worshipper. Orange is the area of our gut feelings, intuition and wisdom. Orange is also associated with the gentle and positive nurturing of ourselves which moves us on our path of growth and development. You can find more info at,

So, I find this the Ideal Color Choice as I move into another decade of my life, creating a new business and writing a book.

I then looked around my home and found there is not much orange…..yet. I do have a red wall in the kitchen and yellow walls in the living room (together, make orange).  My flower choices this week at the Farmer’s Market included orange gerber daises and orange/yellow roses, all chosen before I knew what my website color scheme would be.

Take a look around your home, what colors are you drawn to? Now take a look a variety of flowers and see what colors resonate with you. Feel into that color and how it feels in your body~where it lights you up. The color may surprise you as it did me. I look forward to reading what colors resonate with you.

A Huge shout out and thank you to JR of for creating the ideal color and website for me.



For more check out my book A Graceful Goodbye