Interesting when your life is progressing one way, you feel connected, happy, in the flow..and then….like the wind, it changes direction without warning, taking the wind out of your sails. So now what? Oh crap! Time to regroup. What do you do to regroup? I discovered I need time. Time to feel sorry for myself, time to be embarrassed and time to reflect. With time and introspection, I am feeling the universe conspiring with me to move me onto a different path.

Change and the unknown of “what’s next” can be daunting. Sitting in the stillness allows me to know something else will present itself. Awareness, patience and inner knowing I am taken care of, that I live in an abundant world helps sustain me at this time.

I find myself breaking through the ‘oh no’ into curiosity. Ok, so now what? What is possible? I am curious to see where this new path of discovery will take me. I have less fear as I trust my path will lead some place meaningful and worthwhile or just some place. As I embrace this discovery, my body relaxes and I find myself in my peaceful, connected, happy, knowing state. Meditation, self love and self care and living consciously support me through this process. Life is a never ending cycle of speed bumps (ups and downs) meant to guide us into the next thing whatever that may be. Lessons to be learned along the way, growing pains. Some times the lessons are painful, some times necessary to build confidence and knowing and awareness to carry on.

By following my breath, living in the present moment, being aware, I am creating a new paradigm for myself of how I show up in the world at this time. I am grateful for the lessons and continue to be curious as to ‘what’s next’.

How do you show up in the world at this time?



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