At what age do you cease living? Is it before you physically die? Imagine embracing every day and living your dream no matter what age. Some dreams may take longer to fulfill than others, the key is to not give up.

I was reminded of this while watching, “America’s Got Talent”. One woman in her 80’s, yes, 80’s, was clad in a gold bathing suit showing off her very trim body while performing a hand stand, she then proceeded to sing from that position. An amazing feat unto itself let alone at her age. She was not voted to continue, yet her performance was inspiring just the same.The concluding act of the evening was that of a 90, yes 90, year old woman. She has been a dancer since the age of 9 and her dream is to be a star. So she appeared on the show and danced a strip tease. Yes, at 90, thankfully she did remain somewhat covered. She will be continuing on the show.

What marveled me about these two women is the courage and conviction they demonstrated. Living their authenticity, their dare to dream and be vulnerable while exposing their inner and outer beauty. Both are “Stars” to me and examples of how to live fully no matter what age or obstacle.

I wonder where in my life I live fully on center stage no matter what and where I hide not knowing or believing I can make a difference in this world. The courage of these two women definitely has impacted my life and I would imagine many others, young and old, female and male.

I am grateful for their chutzpah and will continue to step into my dreams fully.  How about you?



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