When I think of the word, ‘Launch’, I picture a rocket being thrust into outer space. A boat being set into water from its trailer position. So when it came time to ‘launch’ my website, I thought, “what does this really mean to me”?

What I discovered was; this is a way for me to set the new chapter of my life into motion. No longer could my dreams and passions of making a difference in the world be held inside, in secret. Now is the time to come from my inner voice to my outer voice. And to have a launch is the perfect way to showcase my new website and business. As in a rocket, now I am willing to be known, to share wisdom, to set new ways of thinking about life and death into motion, To be visible, to be seen, to be a beacon of light shining the way on an unfamiliar dark path. To launch is an action verb, Life is about taking action.

What is in you waiting to be launched? What are you waiting for? There will never really be the perfect time, perfect day, perfect month. So, just do it! Now is the ideal time. Be excited, be willing to show up and take off. You’ll always land exactly when and where you are supposed to.



For more check out my book A Graceful Goodbye