What do you do when you encounter fear? Or a situation where you feel your body is really tense? Do you run away, do you freeze, or do you withdraw?

I would withdraw from life~pretend I was the ostrich sticking my head in the sand and problem~fear would just go away. I can tell you, the fear only seemed to get worse.

Now, I look at fear head on. I embrace it and ask what it needs from me. Then, as if by magic, the fear seems to dissipate. Of course, I still have the choice as to how I will proceed with this knowingness that fear existed. Courage is the opposite of fear. As we close the door to fear, courage opens the door to possibilities and opportunities we might not have recognized before.

Embracing the fear also creates an opportunity to have a different perspective of the situation. Maybe this isn’t as bad as I think, or what am I actually afraid of. Am I in danger? Sometimes letting go of the fear and our mind can open pathways to our ears centered self. We can breathe and open our eyes to imagining a different outcome than the one fear created.

What if, the next time you are faced with fear you embrace it, move through it and observe how you and your body now react. And then, breathe the fear out and inhale courage, confidence and whatever else you need to make this new experience the best it can be with love and grace. Allowing love to replace fear, gives courage nourishment. Fear needs to be fed to grow-no food-no fear.

I wonder why fear grips us so completely keeping us from moving forward in our own lives. Why does it hold us back in constriction instead of allowing us to shine our light and expand. We are meant to walk on this earth in harmony and peace and the more we embrace this knowing, the less the fear place can emerge, thus it will crawl away untethered.

Love is the antidote most times. Try coming from a loving place instead of a fear place. Fear keeps us in judgement where love keeps us in harmony with ourselves and others. I believe this is what the world is craving now. People coming together in the union of love, releasing fear and living in harmony and community. Life shows us what we truly don’t want. Its up to us to show the world and each other what we truly do want. Love, peace, harmony, safety and abundance for all. Its up to us to have it and share it.

What else may hold you back in fear? We speak little about death as speaking it may make it occur. Maybe speaking of death will release the fears and bring us into curiosity of what may be ahead. We may discover pieces of ourselves and our beliefs we never realized before. Bringing death into the forefront and making our wishes known is also helpful for our family. Grief, sorrow and sadness can be eased by taking the guesswork out of what you want. This is how we show love instead of fear, by having these thought provoking discussions. Death is not morbid and doesn’t have to be. The more we communicate about death the more peaceful, serene and beautiful it can be.

I feel many times we are fearful because we don’t know what’s next and so our minds assume the worst. Let’s change this perspective and create the best scenario. I encourage you to try this way of being as I have found it to be very helpful in turning my fear around into peace and love and grace. Much more fulfilling and easy to my body then being tense in anxiety and worry.

Imagine how much better you would feel, probably how much more you would accomplish and how your life would be in flow instead of stagnation, Life flows all around us continually. Seconds, minutes, hours tick by never getting stuck. Wind/air is constant movement.

So, I ask you, what creates your fear? Where did it come from? Is a warning feature for you because of past issues or is it an assumption that something bad will happen? See if you can discern where fear arises from and then maybe you can dissipate it faster knowing there is no cause, so probably no repercussion.

I encourage you to live in love and courage, grace and happiness and breathe fear out after you have recognized it in your life. This way, you can move forward, ready and curious to embrace a new experience with openness. You never know what is around the corner unless you look.

I look forward to reading your responses to fear and then your discovery of what happened next once you removed fear.



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