When we think of someone dying suddenly, we think, oh no, they were not ready or why did that have to happen to them or to me? A person is never the same after experiencing the death of a loved one. Yet, we are. The death of a loved one stores anew birth in us. We may choose not to see this through our tears of sorrow or grief, yet there it is! With every death, there is birth. Some part of us wakes up with the loss of a loved one.

This may also be experienced through the loss of a job. Many times there is sadness, a feeling of despair when your “job” is no longer- this experience is a type of death. Once the pain and despair subside, a new energy emerges wanting to be recognized, tended to; an awakening. Perhaps guiding you to a new area, people, job you would never have considered before. Be open, be curious to learn what this new part of yourself is trying to tell you. Every experience, every death has a message. The message may be to observe life more, to live life more fully, to engage in activities, to embrace those you love each and every day. The message may be to release all that no longer serves you including the despair and pain of the loss to see all there is to be gained. Take the time to notice what wants to come forth for you. Begin 2107 with renewal and resolutions.

Renew your pact to yourself as you have no thing to resolve, just a wonderful life to live.



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