Sometimes life doesn’t happen or occur the way you expect it to. We think we are in control yet, I feel, we seldom are. It’s how we handle the hurdles, speed bumps, curve ball that makes the difference. There were times I would sit and cry when something unexpected happened or some one did or said something I was not prepared for.

I find myself now, breathing, taking a pause and after maybe shouting or a mild tantrum, becoming curious. Curious to see what’s next in this situation. Sometimes I’ll ask why-frequently its not the ‘why’ that matters, its the “what’s next”. I find this reaction keeps me balanced, not fearful, and open to see what the next step will be. Usually the result is far better than I could have or would have imagined. And not one I would even have thought of. So, I remain open to the mystery of life including the curve ball and hurdles, which in turn keeps me open to the mystery of death.

What do you do when life throws you the curve ball or your path changes?



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