How do you move beyond feeling “stuck”? Feeling stuck is about creating a different way of feeling. Being stuck is usually being in an unmovable place, like being in quicksand and definitely requires action on our part.

I’ve been in a really weird, stuck, funky place the last few days. Down on myself, sad, angry and not really knowing why. Thanks, but I’m not looking for sympathy. What I am looking for are the ways YOU get ‘unstuck’.

I finally decided to sit, light a candle and choose an angel  card to see what help/insight it may give me. When I choose to, the Universe always has my back and tells me exactly what I need to hear, learn. The cards I selected were perfect, just what I needed. I was able to write about what was happening, my thoughts, my dysfunction and bring it to the reality of what I’m thinking are just my thoughts. My thoughts are not things. They do not own nor possess me. Where I was berating myself, I saw clearly the disservice I was doing and so I was able to shift from the negative chatter to the embrace of hearing who I Am and the necessity of me being whole and complete right now. I may not always remember these words, however, I will remember to use the tools I have in my toolbox to take action.

Breathing in stillness, lighting a candle, connecting with my card decks (Angel Cards, Goddess Cards by Doreen Virtue), listening to the positive voices in my heart and writing give me relief. Listening to inspirational Native American or drumming music also assists in taking me from feeling stuck to one of release and moving forward, one step, breath at a time.

The trick to becoming unstuck is to take some action. Any kind of action will do! Amazing how that action changes the energy surrounding you. And the action does not need to be huge, heroic. Just a step, a noticing is all that is required. What will be your action when you are feeling stuck or out of sorts? How will you change the energy to better support you?



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