Life sometimes present us with obstacles I call “speed bumps”. These bumps can come in the form of an illness or unexpected upheaval. It’s how we ‘handle’, go over these bumps that makes the difference in our lives. Do you throw your hands up and scream, “Why me”? Do you freeze, become stuck and immobile not knowing what to do next? Do you take action, knowing when the dust settles, all will be ok? Or are all three part of your repertoire?

I feel these obstacles are ways the Universe tries to get our attention. Often we are given signals, opportunities we pay little or no attention to; a God knock. When we continue to ignore these ‘knocks’, the knocks seem to get louder vying for our attention, and finally some thing occurs requiring our full attention to Change; alter our current way of being.

Often times, fear paralyzes us from making the necessary change when the first knock happens. Some how the Universe knows more than we do and is aware of all our possibilities, capabilities and struggles. We live in an abundant world and when we feel there is lack or struggle we may put blinders on to the idea there is another, different way.

I do this often myself, thinking I’m not worthy enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough when in reality, I am worthy, smart, pretty just as I am right now. Learning to embrace these qualities of myself brings me to a better understanding of the world around me, my place in it; to be alignment with the Universe. Our previous way may not be.

What holds you back from making changes? What fear surfaces when you contemplate “changing”-altering your current state of being? How do you feel when you ‘let go’, take that ‘jump’ and just Do It without looking back or second guessing yourself? I have felt exhilarated, empowered and free to fully step in to myself. My life unfolds beautifully before me, showing me the way one step at a time. Be mindful, this new way may also have “speed bumps”, however, these bumps/challenges tend to be smaller and not so fearful because you have already shown yourself you are capable of adjusting to what is next. Taking one courageous step leads to another and another and before you know it, obstacles have diminished and a new way of being has presented itself almost effortlessly because having trust and faith shows us we are ok and are divinely guided.

My guidance brought me to California, where I am thriving, wrote a book and developing my business.

Where will your guidance take you?



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