Movement is taking a step, one at a time. Even running requires the motion of one step at a time. These steps may be small or large. Either way these steps create action. Taking action in your everyday life, career, family is movement. Are you aware of your movements, or do you go about your day in a zombie like way? Having intentional actions leads to more intentional actions which then leads to forward motion.

I find myself stymied by taking action, sometimes. I may feel paralyzed, unsure of what to do next, so I do no thing. I may look at the big picture forgetting small steps created it. Jigsaw puzzles don’t get finished all at once, its each piece at a time building upon the next. Running from the start line to the finish line doesn’t occur with just one step-several hundreds of one steps bring you to that finish line. Same in life, one step leads us to the next, next, and next. It’s the starting-taking the first step that often paralyzes me. I wonder why….am I afraid I’ll fall? Ok, worse case scenario is I pick myself up. Am I afraid I’ll fail, hmmm…..ok, so I fail, I can try again. It is when I don’t try again that I’ll never succeed, and then what? What is failure really? Not necessarily bad, something just didn’t have the results I thought I’d have. Lessons are learned in the failure. And trust is to be gained when you try something, anything, one step at a time.

I marvel at the determination a person has when they are unable to walk due to a stroke or accident. Their fortitude and courage to take just a single step has me wondering what it would take for me to make that first step into my career or relationship or life. What holds me hostage from taking that first step, creating action and then movement? I’m not sure. Having awareness now though, allows me to alter my thoughts and take that first step, leap of faith, knowing I can move in any direction. So I fall, fail, I have the capacity of picking myself back up, dusting myself off and trying again. Maybe though, just maybe, I don’t fall or fail after that first step. Many steps are taken creating momentum. Its with that momentum each step becomes easier.

Action leads to movement which leads to living fully, embracing all the steps along the way.

What action/movement will you take today?



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