Be they Grandparents, friend’s parent or someone you know-their stories carry wisdom from another lifetime. A lifetime you know very little about, yet this story could hold the magic for supporting you to create  your mystical magical ride, journey into the present moment and your future.

Native American Elders, usually Grandmothers in particular, share their stories of gathering, cooking, weaving, sewing skills along with their stories of survival, mother nature and mother earth. They speak from experience and impart this knowledge in such a meaningful way, lessons are learned just from the sharing and listening.

Many times, in our present society, we shun our elders thinking they are old and do not know anything. When in reality, they understand and have knowledge beyond our comprehension. They have lived their lives fully, deeply and when honored and respected, can glean so much light into our times of darkness. Often enveloping us in a protective blanket because we chose to listen with open hearts to embrace their wisdom and knowledge. Although the experiences may not be the same, many trials and tribulations are similar. Their process of learning and achieving their outcome may impact our own perceptions of how life is showing up for us now.

Remember, many of your elders grew up without technology. Google did not exist. Trial and error was the path to learning. Social media did not connect them to the outside world or each other. Being in the neighborhood, getting involved in various community projects and caring about each other was the link to learning more about the lives of others and community.

Please take the time to be fully present and listen when your elder wants to share their story. Even if you’ve heard the story a thousand times before, listen with new ears, as you may hear/learn something you missed before. Ask them questions about their life, what they are leaving behind as memories and as tangible items. Many times, our elders leave us items we knew nothing about or even realize they collected. Cherish these items, feel into what made them special to your elder. And how these items can be special to you. After all, they left them as a reminder, your elder is always present with you.

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What story will you tell? What will you leave behind?



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