November is recognized as having Veteran’s Day, a chance to remember and honor those who have served our country.

November celebrates Thanksgiving, a day to show gratitude for the abundance we have in our lives, especially with family and friends.

November is National Family Caretaker’s Month as well. Most caretakers are husbands/wives who care for their spouse on a daily basis as they are no longer able to care for themselves, often times without much assistance or recognition. Tasks may become tedious and burdensome. There are emotional upheavals as well. Your spouse is no longer able to communicate, share in fun activities or demonstrate love as they have in the past.

I find setting aside some quality time, separate from chores is necessary and can be rewarding for you both. Creating a ritual daily or weekly to just BE together, perhaps reminiscing of travel adventures, children’s accomplishments and celebrating you and your spouse’s life achievements. Take time to have tea together using special cups to signify this is Your Time to spend together without distractions. You can light a special candle signifying the beginning and end of this ritual. Maybe read articles from the newspaper aloud and have discussions about daily events. Or share a poem or chapter in a book you both enjoy. This ritual or time together doesn’t need to be fancy, just consistent. This special gathering allows for a reconnection, moments to be with each other without dong anything and will give your spouse something to look forward to. May even create a reprieve for you, from performing chores. We can get caught up in our “chores” and doing, we forget how important it is to “BE” with someone.

I encourage you to find even 15 minutes to create this ritual you can do consistently at least once a week or daily. You may be pleasantly surprised by what transpires during this time.

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“We are not alone. The spirits of those gone before us guide our steps, our traditions, our beliefs. We are not alone. The care of those around us leads us to healing and wholeness and comfort. We are not alone.”
Quote by Mohawk/Onondaga Healer



For more check out my book A Graceful Goodbye