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Perspective, Possibility, Pandemic Change

Mother Earth, Nature, Universe, GOD, whatever name you give…higher power is mirroring life for us at this time.

For example:


Social Distancing: forced versus we were already as a society distancing ourselves from each other, even in close proximity. When was the last time you went to the grocery store and actually made eye contact with the cashier, the bagger, the person in front of you or behind you—exactly–social distancing in close proximity. How about a concert or ball game sitting real close, did you smile, acknowledge them or even say, Hello, probably not. How about your neighbors over the fence, any Hello’s, How are you’s? We were already practicing this social distancing stuff….What about texting while at the dinner table across from a date or family member, social distancing….Mother Earth, holding the mirror.

Wearing Masks: Often we Choose not to speak to some one, have pleasant conversations or even say kind words, so now we cover our mouths OR perhaps we are being asked not to speak because we don’t have kind words. The “ME TOO” Movement showcased women using their voice to be heard instead of staying silent. Our voices matter and now…. Having conversation with voice instead of text or email, Real Communication.

Business Shut Down: Go to work as just job, log in the required 8 hours nothing more perhaps a lot less wishing you weren’t there, not liking your job, well, now you don’t have it. Forgetting to be grateful for employment and all it gives you, going about your day as a zombie and unhappy, instead of doing your best no matter what…..

Restaurants: Fear-fear of “Will I have enough to keep going”? As the owner, manager, when was the last time you expressed gratitude for people coming into your restaurant? As a customer, when was the last time you even looked at your server, smiled, asked them about their day? When was the last time you expressed gratitude for your yummy food, the service, the atmosphere? Be in connection, communion with each other. Imagine how the dining experience could be even more enhanced…..

Sports: Ball players-did you really care about your fans who are all there cheering for you or do you take them for granted, thinking you are better than them? Will you react differently with this ‘newness’. Patron, did you put your players too much on a pedestal, expecting too much from them and not seeing their humanness? Did you fully enjoy the last game you went to or watched on TV? Do you remember the score or the highlight of the game? Be in the moment, the game, LIFE!…

Education: When was the last time you thanked a teacher or treated them with respect and honor? And brought the best of your child to school instead of the worst….hungry, undisciplined, lacking manners and expecting the Teacher to provide those. And Teachers, when was the last time you took care of yourself during your day? How do you create your classroom? Do you rely on acknowledging positive behavior or negative behavior? Do you still enjoy your profession? Connection and community are important. All teachers make a difference in their student’s life, positively or negatively….

Family: Ah, family unit-instead of running here and there, this event or that-NOW is the time for the family unit and connection. Giving and receiving love-coming together for meals, being creative. Sharing life instead of running around in it. Moving fast from one place to another, too busy for the extra hug and love….This is about taking the time and connection with yourself and your family….

Life: Life has been on hold. Now is the time to live life fully, create time and space for enjoyment. Stop and smell the roses, flowers, notice nature happening around you. Life is happening, walk through life with open, curious, caring eyes wide open, with purpose instead of a zombie like state….

Death: Thousands of people die alone each day. This hasn’t mattered until now. Make changes in how we perceive death, with compassion, grace and being present with our loved ones at their most sacred time. The fear of death has us forgetting how to live. At your last breath which will you have; Do you want to say-‘My, what a fabulous life OR I wish I did this or that….its your CHOICE! CHOOSE

LIFE! Its what you have right now…The Present is your gift….

The Elderly: The elderly have been left by the wayside as if they haven’t mattered. Treat them all now with more respect, dignity and ask them about their life. What they’ve learned. Our elderly share the best of their lives and wisdom. Pay attention with compassion….

The Environment: Our environment was choking-not able to fully breathe-no wonder this ‘virus’ is one of respiratory problems. Face the grief, the sorrow, the sadness, all emotions are held in the lungs, feel expansion instead of constriction.  National Parks being closed to all humans, which allows the natural habitats of animals to roam free without being harmed or having to hide. Have reverence for the beauty and abundance around us daily including our parks and shore lines….

Illness: When sick, not feeling well–Stay Home! How many times were you out in the world when you were sick with a cold, flu, fever at work infecting others, doctor’s offices, stores, etc.  This is a Stay At Home Illness. Take care of yourself with fluids, healthy nutritious food and rest. Your body knows how to heal itself, allow it!!…

Farmers: Farmers are finally being recognized for their bounty and given credit for providing us with healthy, nutritious food. Abundance is all around us….

The Mirror is held–What do you choose to see, recognize in yourself? What do you like, what do you want to let go of and replace with? Do you walk, think, exist in fear, worry and doubt, bringing more of that to you? This is The Pandemic Of Fear. Your thoughts create your reality…which reality are you Choosing, Fear or Abundance…Imagine…releasing the fear of lack, of struggle and BREATHE into LOVE, Compassion, Abundance, Faith,Trust and Belief….

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