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The Corona Virus…Some Thoughts

This outbreak time is calling us, rather emphatically, to return to our roots/structure of BEING rather than doing.

One definition of Corona, is the top of our head or our crown chakra, giving us our connection to our highest power. From there we have ENLIGHTENMENT.  Virus, by definition, “Is a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data”. Perhaps this is the effect of us walking in a zombie like state, unaware of the world or life happening around us and the impact/difference we have in it. Imagine through Enlightenment we can alter this virus and wake up, creating a world we are proud to be part of. One of abundance, joy, happiness and love. Connection to all things, especially ourselves.

Perhaps, this is our RESET button as well as Mother Earth’s. Since this ‘outbreak’ has occurred, pollution is no longer a factor. We choose, yes choose, not to take care of our planet as a collective, so Mother Earth intervened. She was CHOKING! The rivers have become clean and the fish and ocean creatures are healthier. Perhaps, they could no longer Breathe….interesting to me this is a respiratory dis-ease. Mother Earth is the mirror, as she choked and could not breathe….neither could she or the organisms we need to thrive in this world. In order for us to change or alter our way of being, something drastic has to occur to get our attention…..

The Emotional component to the physical malady of respiratory/lung issues is sadness, mostly in Mother Earth. She gives us abundance and we’ve squandered all we have been so generously and abundantly given. We choose to live in lack, never enough, always wanting different and more without taking any responsibility for our behavior or showing gratitude. We are human ‘doings’ as robots, most of us, when we’ve been created as human ‘beings’. This outbreak time is calling us, rather emphatically, to return to our roots/structure of BEING rather than doing. We are being asked/called to go within each of us. To find our inner self which holds all the knowledge, wisdom we need instead of looking outside ourselves for the answers.

We have everything within us to “heal” ourselves, once we breathe, truly breathe, look around us in all the beauty that has been provided for us on a daily basis no matter where you live. Look at your own body and how it heals itself through an injury or cut, our body heals naturally, fully. Even through dis-ease, our bodies heal when we choose to take care of ourselves with fluids, healthy foods and rest. This is what is being asked of us now. When you are feeling ill, stay home and take care of yourself. Allow your body to naturally heal.

Mother Earth was choking. We are choking ourselves, our true potential. Mother Earth knows our true potential, do you?

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